Symposium on Managing Systemic Risk

Date(s) of Conference:

April 7-9, 2010


University of Warwick School of Law
Lecture Theatre at Scarman House on Gibbet Hill Road
Coventry, CV 4 7AL
United Kingdom


The current financial crisis has generated a considerable amount of debate about systemic risk and how best in the future it should be managed. This Symposium will provide an opportunity to explore some of the key concerns in that debate. The symposium will address topics such as: what is systemic risk, sovereign debt, narrow and complex banking, Islamic banking, deposit insurance, cross-border bank and non bank failures, financial crisis containment, individual country case studies reflecting on the performance of the official safety net players, and finally proposals for reform and the way ahead. For instance, is there a need for greater public sector involvement in shaping how financial markets operate?

The scholarship will go some way to plug the gap in our knowledge and understanding of the law of systemic crises, through the production of an innovative, international and interdisciplinary collection of work which links both the policy and legal issues surrounding systemic crises.

Contact information:

The University of Warwick
School of Law
Coventry, CV4 7AL


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