The Worlds of the Trust

Date(s) of Conference:

September 23-25, 2010


Quebec Research Centre of Private & Comparative Law
McGill University


Until recently, the trust was often described as foreign to the logic of the law of property in the civilian tradition. This assertion is increasingly untenable, as the profile of the trust in legal systems with a civilian law of property continues to develop and expand. This conference seeks to explore the multiple ways in which civilian and mixed legal systems have embraced the trust, with the goal of allowing jurists from different jurisdictions to better understand their different approaches to this increasingly important legal institution. The working languages of the conference will be English and French.

Some of the themes expected to be covered include: the historical development of trusts in civilian and mixed systems; the differing conceptual structures of such trusts, including how they are understood within the general law; the language of trust law; comparative trust law; the uses and applications of trusts in the modern world; and the possibilities for internationalizing trust law through increased recognition of foreign trusts and of party autonomy in choosing the governing law for trusts.

Call for Papers:

  • Please submit a working title and an abstract (of no more than 350 words) by email to before April 15, 2010

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