SALT Alternatives to the Bar Exam: Introduction to the Daniel Webster Scholars Honors Program at Franklin Pierce Law Center

Date(s) of Conference:

April 23, 2010


Franklin Pierce Law Center
Two White Street, Concord, NH


With support from the Charles Evans Hughes Foundation, SALT is organizing an invitation-only meeting of deans, State Supreme Court Justices, and state bar examiners to learn more about the Daniel Webster Scholars Honors Program at Franklin Pierce Law Center.

Franklin Pierce Law School, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the New Hampshire State Bar, and the New Hampshire Board of Bar Examiners, has developed an alternative bar licensing program that focuses upon building and assessing the ten fundamental skills and four fundamental values described in the MacCrate Report.  Because students who successfully complete the Daniel Webster Scholars Honors Program repeatedly demonstrate to New Hampshire Bar Examiners those core competencies required to practice law, they are deemed to have passed a variant of the New Hampshire Bar Exam, and are not required to take the traditional two day State Bar Examination in order to be admitted to the New Hampshire Bar.

Contact Information:

Andi or Tim


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