The Merkourios — Call for Papers on Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Call for Papers:
The Merkourios, Utrecht Journal for European and International Law, is issuing a call for articles to place in its forthcoming edition on Criminal Justice and Human Rights. The article may contain a maximum of 6000 words and address any aspect of this field of international law. They are looking for all types of papers, from socio-legal to legal-technical to comparative. The Merkourios will choose 6 articles, based on quality of research and writing, and diversity and relevance of topic. Authors may be graduate students, post-graduates or professors. The Merkourios is the peer-reviewed law journal of Urios, the Utrecht Association for International and European Law and was founded in 1988. The Merkourios focuses on providing readers with articles written by excelling academics and professionals on topical subjects. Recently, the Merkourios has dealt with subjects such as the Lisbon Treaty, International Tribunals, and European Competition Law. In the years since 1988, the Merkourios has expanded its readership and is now distributed to Urios members all over the world and online databases such as HeinOnline.

The deadline for submissions of papers is June 15. It is imperative that all submissions conform to the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCLA). A copy of the OSCLA can be found at or can be requested from the Merkourios editorial board.

Contact Information:

Executive editor, L. Henderson:


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