Antitrust Innovation Symposium

Date(s) of Conference:

May 20-21, 2010


Stanford School of Law
Stanford, CA


The ABA Section of Antitrust Law and Stanford Law School have assembled a first-rate group of leading scholars, current and former enforcement officials, and practitioners to examine the role of antitrust policy in fostering innovation. Particular focus will be placed on discussion and analysis of (1) the extent to which competition policy affects the direction and rate of innovation, and (2) the ways in which current antitrust policies in the United States and other jurisdictions are likely to further or hinder the widely-accepted policy goal of encouraging innovation and dynamic competition.

The Antitrust and Innovation Symposium will be a one and one-half day event with five panels, each exploring different aspects of the above-described topics.

Contact Information:

American Bar Association (ABA)
Section of Antitrust Law
321 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60654


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