2nd EFFL Summer Academy on Global Food Law & Policy

Date(s) of Conference:

July 26-30, 2010


Villa La Collina
Lake Como–Italy


EFFL Summer Academy on Global Food Law & Policy takes place from 26 till 30 July 2010 at beautiful  on the shores of Lake Como, Italy.  Building on the successful previous edition, the EFFL Summer Academy on Global Food Law & Policy will offer scientific reflection and discourse on key legal and policy issues in European and world food law as well as
information and updates on the latest developments. This will be achieved by means of a dynamic, informal and highly interactive five-day programme, which includes lectures,
presentations, discussion groups and social activities. The faculty of the academy consists of food experts coming from relevant authorities, European and US institutions,
academia, legal practice as well as the industry.

The academy aims to contribute to the field of food regulation in Europe and beyond by offering an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to the study of this discipline.  During a 1-week course, held annually, emphasis is placed on understanding the most difficult and controversial aspects of food law.  The overarching goal of the academy is to engage lawyers,
junior and senior policy makers and scientists, academics (post-doc and PhD students) as well as industry representatives with both traditional and emerging areas of
food law and policy. Its program offers an intensive exposure to practical research by relying on case studies and brain storming sessions. To achieve this overarching
goal all lecturers, who are dedicated and enthusiastic about their field, are committed to use actual research questions by always keeping an eye on real life scenarios. Alongside the academic sessions social activities will be offered, too.

Those interested should fill out the registration form (available on request) or visit: http://www.lexxion.de/2nd-effl-academy. The registration should be sent with a brief letter of motivation as well as a resume.

Contact Information:

Ms Nikola Bock
Conference Manager at Lexxion



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