International Law and the Changing Character of War

Date(s) of Conference:

June 22-24, 2010


McCarty Little Hall Auditorium
US Naval War College
Newport, Rhode Island


To examine the challenge to international law posed by the changing character of war. The objectives of the conference are to catalogue the extent to which existing international law governs these changing aspects of warfare and to assess whether these developments warrant revision of existing international law.

The first day will commence with an opening address by Professor Derek P. Jinks, the Naval War College’s 2009 – 2010 Charles H. Stockton Professor of International Law. Two panel discussions will follow, one on Cyberspace and the Jus ad Bellum and the other, on Civilianization of War-Fighting and the Concept of “Direct Participation in Hostilities.”

The second day will be devoted to two panel discussions: Unmanned Systems / Unmanned Vehicles and a panel discussion dedicated to Lawfare and Asymmetrical Conflicts.

The final day will commence with a panel discussion concerning The Changing Character of Legal Scrutiny.

The panelists and speakers will produce articles intended to expand upon the topics presented. These pieces will be published in the next volume of the United States War College’s International Law Studies series.

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International Law Department


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