Stanford Law & Policy Review Symposium — National Defense Policy

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Call for Papers:

The Stanford Law & Policy Review is soliciting articles for an upcoming symposium on “National Defense Policy.” Submissions may cover any subject that relates to recent changes and trends affecting national security and/or the ways in which law and policy may need to adapt in order to respond to these changes. Suggested topics include: Veteran Affairs, New Realms of Warfare (e.g. cyber-warfare, threat finance, etc.); Law of War (e.g. targeted killing, detention, etc.); Nation Building; Counter-Insurgency/ Counter-Terrorism; Privatization and War (e.g. the role of private companies in modern warfare); Energy, Environment, and Defense. Selected articles will be published in May 2011. Authors will be invited to present their articles at a conference on “National Defense Policy” at Stanford University. Article submissions will be accepted until August 1, 2010 (between 10 and 40 double-spaced pages, not including notes and citations). If you have an idea for an article, please submit a 1 to 4 page proposal to us by April 19 (first round) or May 16 (second round) for pre-approval. Articles and proposals should be submitted to


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