Call for Articles and Essays: Social Networking and The Law


The editors of the Pace Law Review invite proposals from scholars, researchers, practitioners, and professionals for contributions to an issue slated for publication during the Fall of 2010.  This issue focuses on how the internet and social-networking affects the legal landscape.  We hope to publish articles that examine the evolving relationships between this technology and the many different areas of law it impacts, including evidence, electronic discovery, privacy, ethics, and tort.  We believe there is room for a lively written discussion on these subjects. As examples, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter are regularly the subject of national headlines; in 2008 the Federal Rules of Evidence were amended in an attempt to address the very substantial issues created by e-discovery; and in the 2009-10 term, the Supreme Court heard a case that concerned whether a government employee has a reasonable expectation of privacy when  “sexting” on an employer-provided phone.

Call for Papers:

Please submit proposals of no more than 500 words by attachment to by June 15, 2010.  We welcome proposals for articles, essays, and book reviews.  All proposals should include the author’s name, title, institutional affiliation, contact information, and should concern issues related to the subject-matter described above.  Book review proposals should also include (a) the title and publication date of the book proposed for review; (b) a description of the importance of the book to the general topic; and (c) any other information relevant to the book or proposed review (e.g. the reviewer’s expertise or any relationship with the author).   Authors are also welcome, but not required, to submit a CV.  We expect to make publication offers by June 31, 2010. 

Completed manuscripts of scholarly articles and book reviews will be due August 31, 2010.

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