Call for Papers: Maryland Law Journal of Race, Gender & Class

Call for Papers:

The University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class is accepting paper submissions for their [sic] fall issue. All academics, judges and practitioners are invited to submit papers relating to the topics of race, religion, gender and class. The Journal considers traditional law review articles, as well as clinical case studies, client narratives, and other forms of nontraditional scholarship.

The Journal is dedicated to fostering intellectual discourse on issues at the intersection of public policy and the law, as well as analyzing the effects of law, policy and judicial decisions on different religious, racial, ethnic, economic and social groups.

The Journal is committed to maintaining the integrity and originality of all submissions. All points of view and perspectives are welcome as the Journal is not committed to any particular ideology. The editorial staff of the Journal looks forward to working with authors and preserving their voice.

Please submit any article drafts by July 16, 2010.

Contact Information:

For more information and to submit papers, please contact Erin Doran, Manuscripts Editor, at


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