Minorities in Family Law: Family Law as an Agent of Social Change and Empowerment for Minorities in the 21st Century

Date(s) of Conference:

February 11, 2011


San Antonio, Texas


This year’s Symposium will explore the role of family law as an agent of social change and equality for minorities.  Historically, family law has rejected the traditional gender roles associated with marriage and favored a vision of family life grounded in principles of gender egalitarianism.  Now, as we near the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, family law has taken center stage in the national political platform, leading a wave of legal reform that favors our country’s changing social needs which have sparked a revolution in areas such as same-sex marriage and reproductive technologies.  As family law leads this revolution of social change, family law attorneys are increasingly becoming more active in their dual roles as both counselors and advocates.  Our symposium will reflect how the typical model of a family lawyer as a problem solver is effectively transforming into that of gladiators who are willing to take extreme adversarial positions, not only protecting the interests of their clients but ultimately acting as agents of social equality for minorities.

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