2010 Race & Pedagogy National Conference

Date(s) of Conference:

October 28-30, 2010


University of Puget Sound


Building on the success of the 2006 Race and Pedagogy National Conference and the sustained efforts of Puget Sound faculty, staff, students, and community partners, the University of Puget Sound will present its second national conference with the theme “Teaching and Learning for Justice: Danger and Opportunity in Our Critical Moment.”

The conference theme is informed by the notion that history is marked with moments in which action and inaction have determined whether human rights, civil rights, and social justice were advanced or thwarted. The 2010 National Conference will convene a community of learners and teachers to explore subthemes including:

  • The critical moments of possibilities and pitfalls in education, the arts, and society;
  • Innovations in partnerships for educational justice;
  • Dilemmas and new directions in pedagogy about race.

Contact Information:

Race and Pedagogy Initiative
University of Puget Sound
1500 N. Warner St. #1023
Tacoma, WA 98416




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