2011 Internal Revenue Service Research Conference

Call for Papers:

The Internal Revenue Service will hold its 2011 Research Conference in June or July, in Washington, D.C. The exact date and location will be announced at a future date.

We invite you to propose a research paper on a tax administration topic for the 2011 Conference. General areas of interest include measuring and influencing taxpayer compliance, estimating taxpayer compliance burden, improving tax administration (e.g., through service, enforcement, systems, third parties, changing the tax law or regulations, etc.), and understanding the nature and behavior of the taxpayer population.

For more information about this conference, including previous conference programs and papers, click on the links to previous conferences below.

Proposals are welcome from government and non-government researchers from the U.S. and abroad. One author per paper will receive funding for travel and those who are not government employees also will receive honoraria. Completed papers will be due in May. A conference proceedings volume will be published containing all of the papers presented at the conference. Authors will have until August to revise and resubmit a final draft of their paper for publication.

For each proposed paper, please submit:
• A title
• An abstract not to exceed two pages in length
• Names and affiliations of all authors
• An e-mail address and phone number for at least one contact author

Proposals for complete sessions of three papers, a session organizer, and a discussant are also invited.  Submitted proposals may also be considered for a poster session.

The deadline for proposals is December 1, 2010.

Contact Information:

Please e-mail your submission to: research.conference@irs.gov.
Please put “proposed paper” in the subject line.


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