31st Annual Conference on Aging: Maximizing Health in the Boomer Generation

Date(s) of Conference:

September 24, 2010.


The University of Texas Health Science Center 


 The program includes:

  • “CDC Report: Promoting Preventive Services for the Boomer Generation”
  • “Best Practices in Smoking Cessation for Boomers”
  • “Evidence-Based Health Promotion: Weight Loss and Cholesterol Cutting Through Nutrition”
  • “Medicare Reimbursement Policy Changes”
  • “Evidence-Based Osteoporosis Prevention: Controversies & Best Practices”
  • “The Challenges of Caregiving”
  • “Boomer Autonomy and the Capacity for Health Care Decision-Taking”

Contact Information:

For more information, call (210) 567-7410/7440 or email Barbara Giles at GilesB@UTHSCSA.edu


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