Tribal Water Law: Indian Water Rights, Claims, Settlements, Opportunities and Challenges

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October 21-22, 2010


Monte Carlo Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV


Throughout Indian Country, there are significant water resources and well-established legal rights to extensive water resources held by Indian Tribes. However, many water rights remain unquantified or are not legally recognized. The federal reserved rights doctrine that recognizes Indian water rights plays out in many different ways, often unique to an Indian reservation location. States have differing perspectives on how to handle Indian water rights. Municipal uses, energy development, environmental needs and increased gaming development on Indian reservations also require water rights and drive the various constituents to resolve Indian water claims.

Under the Obama administration, new federal policies have evolved. This conference seeks to address the federal government’s priorities regarding Indian water claims. The time-tested preference for settling Indian water issues will be explored, with an emphasis on new ideas and concepts for Indian water settlements. In addition, regional case studies will be discussed, so that professionals in the Indian water arena can follow the latest events in the southern plains, Missouri and Mississippi River basins, the Southwest, the Northwest and the Great Lakes areas.

You will also hear about hot topics where Indian water law intersects with environmental issues, energy development, land use planning and tribal code development. Don’t miss this excellent overview that includes today’s legal and policy developments, along with practical strategies and tips to assist attorneys, tribal representatives, agency officials, engineers and consultants navigate Indian water law issues.

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