8th ASLI Conference: Law in a Sustainable Asia

Date(s) of Conference:

May 26-27, 2011


Kyushu University, Japan


The purpose of this annual conference is to bring together scholars of Asian law from within and outside Asia to interact, share ideas and build collegial networks which may facilitate ongoing dialogue and research collaborations. In addition to the paper presentations and Distinguished Lecture, there will be a Research Forum and Poster Presentation. We hope that the research forum will be widely used in the 8th conference to bring together collaborators of various projects as discussed at the previous conference. Presenters and non-presenters are encouraged to connect with fellow academics before the conference and start thinking about potential research projects.

Within the broad conference theme of “Law in a Sustainable Asia”, five of the parallel sessions will focus on selected sub-themes: (1) general perspectives on sustainability (studying aspects such as sustainable development, environmental justice, green development, or conservation ethics); (2) the economic dimension of sustainability (exploring, among other issues, corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainability, sustainable finance, economic opportunity or transnational commons); (3) the environmental dimension of sustainability (examining pollution control, climate change, food security, natural resource management, bio-diversity etc); (4) the participatory dimension of sustainability (looking at community partnership, civil society participation, stakeholder participation, community participation and the like); (5) the social dimension of sustainability (examining issues such as peace, security and social justice, livable cities, cultural heritage and diversity, law and development, social capital or planning and land use).

Call for Papers:

For this year’s conference we intend to select 120 papers for presentation at the parallel sessions and 25 posters. The selection will be done jointly between the ASLI Secretariat and Kyushu University. The selection criteria will be as follows:

  • Relevance to the broad theme and subtheme
  • Quality of the abstract
  • Geographical diversity of presenters
  • Balance between senior and junior presenters

Participants should first indicate the relevant parallel session, based on the sub-theme that they wish to be included in and second, indicate the general category of their paper.

Example I

  • Name of presenter: Mr XXX
  • Title of paper: “Islamic banking and the global financial crisis”
  • Subtheme: Economic Dimension of Sustainability
  • Category: Economic and Trade Law
  • Abstract: Description of paper in not more than 300 words.

The deadline for submission is January 7, 2011, Friday

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