4th Annual Midwest Family Law Consortium

Date(s) of Conference:

June 16-17, 2011


Michigan State University College of Law


 The first decade of the 21st century has been an exciting time for family law scholars, teachers and practitioners.  Family law is more dynamic than ever, with changing social definitions of family and greater use of science and technology to create families.  Themes that have emerged in the first decade of the century will likely inform family law reforms in the coming decades.  

Call for Papers:

The Midwest Family Law Consortium seeks papers that explore these issues and other hot topics for the 4th annual conference. While papers that address cutting edge themes in family law are encouraged, all paper and panel proposals are welcomed.  In addition, professors who wish to discuss techniques and insights concerning family law education are welcome to submit proposals for a teaching panel or panels.

Interested persons should submit a one-page proposal with the name, title, and institutional affiliation of the presenter(s) and a brief summary of the proposed presentation to Cynthia Lee Starnes, Professor of Law, MSU College of Law at starnesc@law.msu.edu .  Proposals submitted before January 31, 2011 will be given priority consideration.

Contact Information:

Melanie B. Jacobs       

Cynthia Lee Starnes



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