Call for Papers: Competition Law Scholars Forum

Call for Papers:

The Competition Law Scholars Forum (CLaSF) will be running a workshop on Thursday April 7th 2011. The subject of the workshop will be the broad theme of:-Competition Law, private enforcement, access to justice and consumer redress.

The historical primacy of administrative enforcement in Europe is in stark contrast with US competition law (‘antitrust law’) where private enforcement has become the norm and constitutes the vast majority of antitrust enforcement. The availability of a well-developed system of class actions has ensured that private enforcement is extremely effective and can result in end-consumers being compensated for their losses. The US system emphasises the importance of consumer rights, and the greater possibility of substantial damages awards also enhances the potential deterrent impact of the antitrust laws. The EU is trying to facilitate private enforcement and the Commission White Paper of April 2008 made a number of interesting proposals to facilitate and harmonise competition litigation across the EU. Reform of the UK system was also proposed by the OFT in its 2007 Recommendations, which have not as yet been implemented. Both sets of proposals in particular consider ways of facilitating consumer redress. This is a vitally important period for this broad topic to be revisited, as private enforcement is viewed by the competition authorities as a key element of a more competitive UK and European economy and furthermore ties in with current debates about access to justice, particularly for consumers.

Papers are invited from scholars, regulators and practitioners on any of these issues or other topics which fall generally within the broad theme of ‘Competition Law, private enforcement, access to justice and consumer redress’

Any person interested in presenting a paper at the workshop is asked to contact the Vice-Chair of CLaSF, Professor Barry Rodger at An abstract is required of approximately 500-1000 words, to be submitted by no later than Monday January 31, 2011, and decisions on successful submissions will be taken by Feb 7, 2011. Submission of presentation/draft paper is also required a week prior to the workshop.

Papers presented at the workshop can be submitted to the Competition Law Review editorial board with a view to being published in the Review. Note that the Review is a fully refereed scholarly law journal: Submission does not guarantee publication.

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