2011 East Asian Law and Society Conference

Date(s) of Conference:

September 30 – October 1, 2011


Yonsei University
Seoul, Republic of Korea


The theme for this conference is Dialects and Dialectics: East Asian Dialogues in Law and Society. “Rule of law” is now accepted as the universal language of governance, but it is undeniable that various dialects are spoken in different regions of the world. While efforts are made at the national level to promote a standard form of “rule-of-law speech,” sub-national dialects persist within each
jurisdiction. This is particularly true in Asia, despite increasing pressures toward the global convergence of national legal systems. Genuine convergence, however, can only come about through dialectical relationships among the different legal dialects. A true dialectical relationship, in turn, will be possible only when meaningful dialogues take place among speakers of those different dialects.  The organizers hope to explore these plural interactions through a diverse array of panels and paper presentations.

Call for Papers:

We invite proposals for papers and panels on law and society in Asia that relate either (i) directly to the conference theme (Dialects and Dialectics: East Asian Dialogues in Law and Society); or (ii) to any topic in connection with law
and society in Asia.

Scholars, practitioners and graduate students are all welcome to participate. Participants need not be members of the CRN-EALS or the Korean Society for the Sociology of Law.

All proposals must be submitted via email to: eastasialsa2@gmail.com by March 15,  2011 (US Pacific Standard Time).

All papers must be in English and include the following content:

       1.  Title of the paper;
       2.  An abstract of not more than 300 words;
       3.  Information about the presenter:
           a. Full name;
           b. Title (Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss);
           c. Institutional Affiliation;
           d. Email address; and
           e. Postal address.

Contact Information:

The Korean Society for the Sociology of Law



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