XIX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

Date(s) of Conference:

September 11-15, 2011


Istanbul, Turkey


Working in a safe and healthy  environment is among the most fundamental human rights of the working people in the world. Within this framework, the World Congress aims at contributing to ensure the sharing of knowledge and good practices in the field of occupational safety and health among developing countries, countries with economies in transition and developed countries.

Once more it will be  emphasized through the  World  Congress that  occupational safety  and health is also  of utmost importance for both  employees and  society due  to  the  process of economic change faced by the world in recent years.

The XIX World  Congress focuses on  four  main  topics under the  motto of “Building a Global Prevention Culture for a Healthy and Safe Future”:

I.    Comprehensive, Proactive and  Preventative Approaches to Safety and  Health  at Work
II.   Systems Approach for Occupational Safety and  Health
III.  Social Dialogue, Partnerships and  Innovation on Occupational Safety and  Health
IV.  New Challenges in a Changing  World of Work and  the  Global Economy

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