10th Annual Women Are Sacred Conference

Date(s) of Conference:

August 9-11, 2011


Mystic Lake, MN


The 10th Annual Women are Sacred Conference will be a celebration of people, programs, and possibilities.  This year’s conference will represent the best.  It will showcase tribal specific best practices, highlight the incredible work that is being done in Native communities across the country, and recognize the amazing women and men that are organizing and educating to end violence against Native women.  This conference recognizes that women are sacred and central to the health and well being of tribal sovereignty and the safety of Native women are directly linked to one another is the philosophical foundation of this conference.

The landmark Violence Against Women Act is 17 years old, it has been 6 years since Native women’s advocates and their allies successfully organized for the passage in 2005 of the Safety for Native Women Title included in the Violence Against Women Act, and one year since the Tribal Law and Order Act was signed into law.  Many changes have taken place, not only in our personal lives, but in the lives of our families and communities.  This single, most important conference will focus on those changes and feature the people, the programs and the practices that are leading the way in our work to end violence against Native women.

Once again, Sacred Circle, Mending the Sacred Hoop, Clan Star, the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, and many others will work together to make this conference a huge success.  The 2011 Women are Sacred Conference will continue to provide Native women, advocates, law enforcement, tribal leaders, prosecutors, judges, dispatchers, clerks or court, health care providers, social workers and community members a unique opportunity to gain and exchange information, share struggles and solutions, and nurture a growing network to end violence against Native women.

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