Call for Papers: Protecting Workers’ Rights in a Post-Wisconsin World

Call for Papers:

This year, the subject of Albany Law Review’s Annual Symposium is the state of workers’ rights one hundred years after the Triangle Factory fire and in the wake of efforts to end public sector bargaining in Wisconsin.  The working title is “Protecting Workers’ Rights in a Post-Wisconsin World.”  Potential article topics include, but are not limited to: comparing public and private labor law; unionism and politics; the history of public unionism, workers’ rights, and public policy; the state of workers’ rights, especially immigrant and other disenfranchised workers; the meaning of legislative efforts to end or curtail the collective bargaining rights of public sector workers; how the law can balance workers’ rights and public policy; and alternative forms of collective organizing and action in the public and private sectors.

Contact Information:

Nick Faso
Executive Editor for Symposia


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