Call for Papers: Theory and Praxis in Reducing Women’s Poverty

Call for Papers:

The AALS Joint Session of Sections on Poverty Law & Clinical Legal Education will focus on women in poverty, the role of advocacy in assisting poor women and in addressing the conditions that contribute to the gender and race of poverty. Topics to address include: General Causes of the Impoverishment of Women and the Role of the Law, Women and Work, Women, Relationships, Violence and Crime, Poverty, Women, and Lawyering, Poverty and the Academy.

This is an open call for papers from any perspective, concerning any aspect of the issue. Abstracts should be submitted by September 7, 2011. Papers should be completed with footnotes by January 1, 2012, with minor revisions in light of conference comments to be completed by February 1, 2012.

Abstracts of proposed papers should be no longer than 600 words and should be submitted by email attachment to the Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law at  Abstracts should not contain any information identifying the author, including invisible headers or footers, but should contain a title. The body of the author’s email message should contain contact information and the title of the paper.

Authors of papers chosen for presentation and publication will be notified by October 7, 2011. Some papers not chosen for presentation may still be offered publication in the Journal.

Final papers should be roughly 10,000 words or less (25 or fewer printed pages). The Journal prefers papers to be submitted in Word format, but will accept papers utilizing other programs. Papers should be submitted with the text double-spaced, preferably in 12-point typeface, with footnotes rather than endnotes. Citations and article style should conform to the 19th edition of the Bluebook.

Contact Information:

Davida Finger
2011 Section on Poverty Law Chair
Assistant Clinical Professor, Loyola-New Orleans


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