Reducing Reliance on Incarceration

Date(s) of Conference:

October 27 ‐ 28, 2011


Washington, DC


This Academics’ Colloquium takes place within the larger ABA CLE Fall 2011Conference. The plenary panel and break‐out sessions will address the normative, empirical, and practical consequences of historically high incarceration rates, including the impact of overcrowded prisons, shrinking federal and state budgets, and the efficacy of lengthy sentences on recidivism. Specifically, break‐out panels will include topics such as judges’ decision‐making, legislative initiatives to reduce reliance on incarceration, and sentencing alternatives such as restorative justice. This collaborative effort between the ABA and AALS reflects a growing national consensus among prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, academics, and policy makers that the legal system must reduce its reliance on incarceration, and rethink alternative options to lengthy prison sentences.

Contact Information:

Giovanna Shay


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