Military Law in a New Dimension: Armed Forces Deployed against Transnational Crime and Terrorism

Date(s) of Conference:

August 26-28, 2011


Melbourne Law School
Melbourne, Australia


As the number of state-on-state armed conflicts declines, militaries around the world are being drawn into combating a wide variety of transnational crime and terrorist activity. Law enforcement rather than war fighting deployments have become mainstream activities for many armed forces. For over a decade, coalition forces have been involved in the war in Afghanistan and continue to be involved in combating maritime terrorism in the Middle East area of operations. In mid-2008, naval forces deployed to the Horn of Africa to combat the upsurge in piracy. Instances abound of armed forces involved in apprehending irregular migrants, illegal fishers, and drug smugglers. This conference will explore the complex and challenging legal issues for armed forces involved in combating transnational crime and terrorism. Themes addressed will include legal frameworks for military involvement – global, regional, and national dimensions; legal interoperability – challenges in operating with coalition and other forces; the civil-military interface; use of force and rules of engagement for new military environments; combating transnational crime and terrorism at sea; and military justice procedures for forces engaged in combating transnational crime and terrorism.

Contact Information:

Dr Robin Warner  

Dr Chris Gallavin


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