Call for Papers: Conable Conference in International Studies: Refugees, Asylum Law, and Expert Testimony

Date(s) of Conference:

April 12-15, 2012

Rochester Institute of Technology
This conference has five goals: (1) to bring together into conversation scholars, practitioners, and activists producing expertise in the context of refugee and asylum law as it pertains to Africa and the Global South; (2) to explore new scholarship and research pertaining to the emergence of categories and identities deployed in refugee determinations and asylum petitions; (3) to publish an interdisciplinary collection of critical and rigorous scholarship on the emergence of categories and identities in asylum and refugee law; (4) to facilitate networking and interaction of conference participants and harness the potentials of collaboration for legal strategy, knowledge transfer and learning; (5) to inspire pedagogical and curricular development towards problem-solving competencies pertaining to asylum applicants and refugees from Africa and beyond.
Call for Papers:
Abstracts of proposed papers of 1-2 pages and a CV for review by the multidisciplinary steering committee are due by September 1, 2011 by email to BNL@RIT.EDU. Papers may not be published or accepted for publication elsewhere. Prospective participants should indicate any and all sources of funding for travel and accommodation. Limited financial assistance is available and will be prioritized for those from the Global South. Decisions will be made in October 2011. Short drafts of 10 pages for consideration and comment by the consulting committee are due by December 1, 2011. Papers of 25-35 pages for pre-circulation among all participants are due by February 1, 2012. Registration is required of all participants.
Contact Information:
Benjamin N. Lawrance
Cassandra Shellman
Saabirah Lallmohamed

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