Associaion for Law, Property, and Society (ALPS) 3rd Annual Meeting

Date(s) of Conference:

March 2-3, 2012


Georgetown Law School
Washington, D.C


This conference will provide discussions on all areas of property law, including:

  • Real, Personal, and Intangible Property
  • Cultural Property
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate Transactions and Finance
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Urban Planning and Development
  • Environmental Law
  • Climate Change
  • Housing
  • Home
  • Green Development
  • Mortgages and Foreclosure
  • Land Titles
  • Indigenous Populations and Sovereignty
  • Human Rights and Property
  • Entrepreneurship and Property
  • Takings and Eminent Domain
  • Property Theory
  • Property History
  • The Economics of Property

Contact Information:

Robin Paul Malloy, JD, LLM
E.I. White Chair and Distinguished Professor of Law
College of Law, Syracuse University
Syracuse NY, USA 13244

Sheila Welch
Administrative Assistant
College of Law, Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY, USA 13244


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