Conable Conference in International Studies: Refugees, Asylum Law, and Expert Testimony: The Construction of Africa & the Global South in Comparative Perspective

Date(s) of Conference:

April 12-14, 2012


Rochester Institute of Technology


Specialists are increasingly invited to comment on the petitions of asylum seekers and refugees from Africa and the comparative Global South. Commentary may take a variety of forms, including consultation, written reports, formal affidavits and ‘live’ oral testimony and cross-examination in court. The 2012 Conable Conference—convened jointly by the Rochester Institute of Technology and Cornell University—proposes exploring new research situated at the dynamic interdisciplinary intersection of law, scholarship and activism pertaining to African asylum petitions and refugee status determination in a comparative international context.

Contact Information:

Benjamin N. Lawrance
Barber B. Conable, Jr. Endowed Chair in International Studies

Cassandra Shellman


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