Global Conference on Third-Party Financing of Litigation

Date(s) of Conference:

November 9-10, 2011


Searle Civil Justice Institute
George Mason University’s Law & Economics Center


This second of two policy conferences will feature the work product of SCJI’s public policy initiative entitled Third-Party Financing of Litigation: Civil Justice Friend or Foe?  SCJI has commissioned ten papers by leading international scholars to evaluate the legal and economic issues likely to arise with the expansion of third-party financing of litigation.  Particular attention is paid to the potential impact of third-party financing on economic growth and free enterprise systems throughout the world.

In addition to the participating scholars, the conference will feature legal practitioners, financiers, and others with an interest in third-party financing of litigation.  By bringing together a group of leading scholars and front-line practitioners, SCJI hopes to stimulate an informative and balanced discussion of third-party financing and potential policy concerns

Contact Information:

Scott Hazelgrove


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