20th Annual Women’s Studies Conference at Southern Connecticut State University: Women and Labor: At Home, At Work, Around the Globe

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April 20-21, 2012


Southern Connecticut State University


Our 20th annual conference addresses one perennial struggle in women’s movements across the globe: labor.  As we witness this spring the surge of labor movements in the U.S. as labor is challenged—specifically, unionized & feminized labor, we also receive findings, just released in May 2011 by Ms. Foundation for Women, that women are bearing the brunt of today’s economic crisis.  More than ever, women’s labor is at the forefront of our struggles.  In a different part of the world, we continue to observe women’s critical contribution to what is now called the Arab Awakening.  Yet we, too, see little representation of women in the wake of the Egyptian revolution.  By all accounts, the report cards on women and labor have made less than significant progress over the decades. 

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