8th Annual Centre for Competition Policy Conference

Date(s) of Conference:

June 14-15, 2012


University of East Anglia
Norwich, UK


What do Public and Private Sanctions in Competition Policy Actually Achieve?
Competition Authorities have, in recent years, escalated the level of sanctions imposed on undertakings that have infringed competition laws, some going so far as to criminalise hard core cartel behaviour. Alongside this, they are making concerted efforts to encourage the victims of competition law abuses to bring private actions for damages against those responsible. Despite a general consensus that certain types of competition law infringements should be punished, there is limited agreement – even within the EU – as to what form this punishment should take. It is also not always entirely clear what sanctions aim to achieve. The conference explores the theory and evidence on public and private sanctions and what they could achieve or have achieved in practice. Contributions will include a mixture of theoretical and empirical approaches from different disciplines.

Call for Papers:

The Call for Papers is open to academics and researchers in the fields of law, economics, and political science.

Any interested person should produce a full draft of a paper or an abstract of at least 1000 words, to be submitted by Monday, January 16, 2012. Decisions on successful submissions will be communicated by Thursday, March 1, 2012.

Full presentations or draft papers will be required one month prior to the conference.

Contact Information:

Sebastian Peyer

Andreas Stephan



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