5th Annual International Conference on the Globalization of Class Action and Mass Litigation

Date(s) of Conference:

December 8-9, 2011


Raad van State (Dutch Council of State), The Hague, The Netherlands


This 5th edition of the annual conference on the globalization of class actions and mass litigation is organized by Deborah Hensler (Stanford University/Tilburg University), Christopher Hodges (Oxford University/Erasmus University) and Ianika Tzankova (Tilburg University). Discussion topics include:

  • the role of mass communication and the media in increasing the scale of procedures
  • the influence of financial sources on class action and mass litigation
  • the management of mass cases
  • the way in which damages are calculated and allocated
  • the approach to and jurisdiction in transnational mass tort cases
  • future developments and the extent to which class action may enhance access to justice.

Contact Information:

Ms. Lieke Verwijmeren



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