Call for Papers: eConflicts Resolved: Evaluations of Legal Solutions to Information-Age Conflicts

Call for Papers:

The UALR Law Review is calling for the submission of articles for its upcoming Ben J. Altheimer Paper Symposium, eConflicts Resolved: Evaluations of Legal Solutions to Information-Age Conflicts, which is scheduled for publication in May 2012.

As the working title suggests, submissions should examine the various legal regimes – past, present, or proposed – used to resolve conflicts arising through online interactions between individuals, corporations, and governments. Although certainly not an exhaustive list, articles might address one of the following issues:

  • Have traditional legal regimes adequately adapted to Internet-specific conflicts?
  • Have we made strides in resolving jurisdictional and conflicts-of-law problems that arise from online interactions in multistate and multinational scenarios?
  • Has the common law effectively adapted to address the unique characteristics of online disputes?
  • Have legislatures taken the proper steps to effectively adapt legal standards to the Internet or online settings?
  • How can the application of existing laws be improved in light of the proliferation of Internet transactions and actions?

We ask that interested authors give advance notice of intent to submit. The deadline for submission is January 31, 2011.

Contact Information:

Caleb J. Norris
Symposium Editor


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