The Annual Seminar of The Financial Lawyers Conference

Date(s) of Conference:

April 20-22, 2012


Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
905 Country Club Road
Ojai, California 93023


The bursting of the housing bubble in 2007, the financial panic of September 2008 culminating in the bankruptcy of Lehman and bailout of AIG, and the ensuing and continuing shocks to the global financial system, have created novel stresses on the bankruptcy system. Judges and practitioners in cases such as Lehman, Chrysler, and Madoff, have been required to address and resolve numerous cutting edge issues, often in very pressured environments. Using a series of hypothetical fact patterns created by our moderator, we shall examine these cutting-edge issues and explore their applicability to the more traditional cases handled by the bankruptcy system.

Contact Information:

Christyne Buteyn


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