Beyond Jurisdiction: Wetlands Policy for the Next Generation

Date(s) of Conference:

April 26-27, 2012


SUNY Buffalo Law School
Buffalo, NY


Beyond Jurisdiction: Wetlands  Policy for the Next Generation will bring together academics from law  and other fields to join advocates in an exploration of the future of wetlands  law and policy from a variety of perspectives (normative, empirical,  instrumental, etc.). As is true of many areas of law and social policy, the  world of wetlands is inherently political and value-laden—the law is often be a  poor means of accomplishing contested social objectives in this area. A debate  sparked by U.S. Supreme Court decisions and related federal actions have focused  wetlands scholarship and advocacy during the past decade on exploring the  parameters of which “waters of the United States” fall under federal  jurisdictional. Such concentration has detracted from scholarship and study of  many other important issues related to wetlands policy, such as mitigation, the  Tulloch rule, nationwide permits, local and state policy developments,  international treaty obligations, and other matters. This conference is designed  to broaden the focus of exploration and include voices of scholars, activists,  scientists, media professionals, and others.

Call for Papers:

We welcome many voices to  this discussion, and invite submissions on any related topic of legal, policy,  or additional matters related to wetlands and other jurisdictional waters,  including:

  • Mitigation
  • Tulloch/discharge issues
  • Ecosystem services
  • State and local governance
  • Enforcement
  • Permit processes (including nationwide and regional  permits)
  • Administration of the Clean Water Act
  • International  and transnational protections

Accepted papers will be published either in  a special journal issue or as a chapter in an academic press book. You are  invited to submit a paper abstract or presentation proposal of no more than 400  words by Monday, February 13, 2012 to

Contact Information:

Kim Diana Connolly


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