2012 National Conference on Guardianship

Date(s) of Conference:

October 20 – 23, 2012


Portland, OR


The NGA membership covers the gamut of guardianship work and we are hoping to balance the 2012 program among the various populations and types of cases served. We are particularly interested in topics in the following
areas, though all proposals will be considered:
•    Developmental Disability Programming and Person-Centered Planning
•    Traumatic Brain Injury: Understanding the Issues
•    Mental Illness: Advances in Treatment, New Medications, etc.
•    Dementia: Clinical Presentation or Management of Difficult Behavior
•    Capacity Assessment Estate Management
•    Establishing a Private Guardianship Business.
•    Public Guardianship: Trends and Issues
•    Ethics: End of Life Decisions
•    Ethics: Conflicts of Interest for Guardians and Attorneys
•    Alcohol/Drug Addiction in Older Adults
•    Working with Difficult Families
•    Tax issues for Guardians and Clients

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