Call for Papers: International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics

Call for Papers:

This special issue of IJFAB aims to contribute to the ongoing conversations around ethics and policy in aging and long-term care. We invite essays written from a feminist perspective on any topic related to aging and long-term care.

Possible topics include:

• What characterizes a feminist approach to aging and/or long-term care and what contributions can it make to theory and policy?

• How do feminist views about “family” affect long-term care approaches?

• What is the structure of income provision for the aged in a particular country or region and what are its ethical implications?

• What are the ethical implications of different kinds of support systems for the dependent elderly?

• How is long-term care labor gendered and what ethical concerns does this raise?

• How can a feminist vision of long-term care accommodate cultural and religious traditions that place special responsibilities for long-term care on women and girls?

• What are the implications of the feminization of labor migration on the provision of long-term care needs around the world?

• What is the structure of labor and or economic policy in a given country or region and what are its ethical implications for family caregivers?

• How are representations of old age gendered and “performed” in the media and in the arts, and what are the ethical and health implications?

Submission instructions for authors are available at Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word, as email attachments to

The submission deadline for this issue is September 15, 2012.

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