Legal Education for a Global Community

Date(s) of Conference:

July 1-4, 2012


The University of Sydney Law School
Sydney, New South Wales


As legal educators, we work increasingly in a global context and our graduates seek professional opportunities throughout the region and the world. With law reform, trade practices and legal harmonisation taking place between individuals and communities around the globe, legal education faces a new challenge in the twenty first century.

Legal knowledge is no longer limited to domestic law but now encompasses knowledge of underlying concepts and principles in an international and comparative context, as well as knowledge of other domestic contexts. The demand for this kind of legal knowledge is driving the internationalisation of the legal curriculum.

In our increasingly interconnected academic fraternity, scholarly dialogue transcends national boundaries. Quality legal research increasingly incorporates a comparative approach and the application of our comparative research efforts are bearing fruit through engagement in law and development, social justice and human rights work.

The theme of this year’s conference reflects this increasingly global outlook and invites comment debate and discussion on the benefits and challenges raised by this developing perspective.

Contact Information:

Chloe Wyatt
ALTA 2012 Conference Organiser
+ 61 (0)422 996 342


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