Call for Papers: Applied Feminism and Families

Call for Papers:

The University of Baltimore School of Law’s Center on Applied Feminism seeks submissions for its Sixth Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference.

This conference seeks to explore how feminist legal theory affects families in the United States and abroad. We are interested in including both family law experts and experts who consider issues facing families from other legal perspectives. Papers might explore the following questions:

  • What have been the accomplishments or shortcomings of feminist legal theory for families?
  • How might feminist legal theory respond to the challenges facing families?
  • What sort of support should society and law provide to families?
  • Does feminist legal theory support state interventions into family life? In what circumstances?
  • How do law and feminist legal theory conceptualize the roles of family members, including mothers, fathers, caretakers, children, and others?
  • How does feminist legal theory help us understand changes in the institution of marriage and family structure?
  • How do the needs of families vary across cultural, economic, religious, and other differences?
  • Are theories of essentialism and intersectionality necessary or helpful in shaping laws that impact families?
  • In what areas outside of family law could or should feminist legal theory be applied to assist families?

To submit a paper proposal, please submit an abstract by 5 p.m. on October 26, 2012, to Professor Michele Gilman at  In the subject or “re” line of your submission, you must type: CAF conference submission. It is essential that your abstract contain your full contact information, including an email, phone number, and mailing address where you can be reached. Abstracts should be no longer than one page. Practitioners’ and activists’ papers need not follow a strictly academic format, but all paper proposals should address the conference theme. We will notify presenters of selected papers in mid-November. We anticipate being able to have twelve paper presenters during the conference on Friday, March 8, 2013. All working drafts of papers will be due no later than February, 15, 2013. All abstracts and drafts will be posted on the Center on Applied Feminism’s conference website to be shared with other participants and attendees.

Contact Information:

Prof. Michele Gilman


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