Call for Papers: Forced Migration Review

Call for Papers:

This issue of FMR will address questions such as the following:

  • What are the different state practices in asylum for recognising sexual orientation or gender identity as grounds for claiming a well-founded fear of persecution?
  • Do existing legal instruments protect LGBTI people’s rights in respect of displacement and how are those instruments enforced?
  • What are the practices in reception, detention, status determination and resettlement for LGBTI people, whether their gender identity or sexual orientation is the cause of their claim for asylum or not?
  • What examples of good practice are there in reception, detention, status determination and resettlement?
  • What can we learn from local initiatives to protect LGBTI rights and prevent persecution and displacement?
  • Is data about the legal and cultural position of LGBTI people included in Country of Origin Information?
  • Is discrimination by states and by others on the grounds of gender identity and/or sexual orientation given due weight by those states considering asylum claims? Are non-stereotypical relationships given fair or equal consideration in matters of asylum and resettlement?
  • How can government agencies, service providers and displaced communities enhance the protection of displaced LGBTI people?
  • Are there particular aspects relating to age – either young or old – that need to be considered?

The deadline for submission of articles is December 3, 2012.

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